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Hope you enjoyed your jubilee National Day 🇸🇪 

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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

In case you missed it

  • Rekrit is recruitment platform developed by internationals for internationals. By using data to connect Swedish companies to unemployed internationals- they hope to reduce the unemployment rate and help you find your dream job 💫

  • Sometimes the stars don’t align and you may have to consider moving to another country. If you still want to stay within Europe perhaps consider the Netherlands talent visa. The requirements are some of the friendliest we have seen and there have been a few people in the community that have used it as a life line in Europe.

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Content recommendations on LinkedIn

Most people have a love/hate relationship with LinkedIn, especially when looking for work. What can help tip the scales to liking the platform is to curate your feed by following content that resonates with you. Here’s some people you can follow:

  • Amanda Herzog- she knows very well how challenging it is to find an industry specific job in Sweden, it took her 13 months and over 800 applications . She is now an advocate for international professionals in Sweden through her content on LinkedIn, speaking engagements and career coaching.

  • Linnea Bywall- “Hire people, not CVs” this is what you read from her LinkedIn banner. As Head of People at Alva Labs (yes the candidate assessment people), she shares very refreshing content about hiring for potential and some tips for job seekers.

  • Nichlas Walsted- He has just won an award for promoting belonging for internationals. Nichlas is based in Denmark and is the co-founder & CEO of Swap. It is impressing to see him post about his thoughts and opinions about some of Denmarks laws that affect internationals like this post.

  • Real People- a digital labour movement that is dedicated to giving international professionals a real voice in laws and debates that affect us. Through their content on LinkedIn you can follow discussions and progressions of policies and what the consequences are.

  • Lena Rekdal- immigration and relocation expert, content covers outcomes and stats of Swedish Migration Agency as well as broader issues in the EU that affect international professionals.

Club member spotlight

Naomi Zulu | Service & User Experience Designer

Thoughts on pivoting confidently to new industry: Start with self introspection to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will lay the foundation for a plan. Have a look at the market for skills that match your personality and interests. Do your research so that you will make informed decisions and enter the industry empowered.

Non-academic takeaways as a graduate: working with people from different cultures and backgrounds has enriched my interpersonal skills. I have learnt to network through activities outside of academia. I have developed an open mindset to suggestions and appreciate receiving feedback, whether negative or positive. Feedback is valuable

Jobs within the community

Posting jobs that we have connections to


listicle for afterwork

Watch: The Intern. If you want to watch some start movie characters in a movie some solid career advice then this is for you. It’s also worth a re-watch

Sign up: Online event happening. Hope to see you next week

Post of the week: Work/life balance reminder post. Being an international it probably takes some time to get the balance but let’s not forget to work towards it.

May the job hunting good vibes be with you

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